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June 2019 was born from the Open Source community as a way to connect open source developers with amazing gigs. We spent years building a community of the best technical talent in the States - now several thousand strong. We take our cues from the engineers in our fold: what’s blocking the best talent from working with the best teams? What is impeding fast, scalable growth for software companies? Those are the problems we think are worth solving - and around which we’ve built our business.

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April 2019

Anquiro is the first company to blend proprietary technology and development knowledge for the purpose of providing our subscribers with Accurate, Concise, and Relevant government data regarding development and contracting opportunities, competitors’ activity, and changes in local regulations and rules.

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Skopos Labs

April 2018

Skopos Labs has built an AI software platform that turns unstructured data into accurate predictions of risk and opportunity. The team - including computer scientists, data scientists, former Capitol Hill staff, and former partners at large law firms - is advancing the state-of-the-art for automatically forecasting events.

100% of the Skopos team has advanced degrees from top universities, including Ph.D. and J.D. degrees from University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Skopos is based in NYC.

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February 2018

Gravitus is the social app for recreational lifters. Whereas other fitness apps focus on telling you how to get in shape or on tracking a broad swath of fitness activities, Gravitus created an app for people who like to lift.

Gravitus is founded on three pillars: tracking, social and competition.

  • Log your workouts

  • Track your personal records

  • Motivate your friends

  • Discover proper form with exercise videos

  • Measure up against your friends and the entire community on the leaderboard

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December 2017

Aloompa creates innovative products for the music, food, sports, conference and events communities.  Aloompa creates mobile applications and native apps that give attendees great experiences and allows event producers to create multiple opportunities to better engage attendees.  Aloompa also uses location intelligence to provide actionable data for all stakeholders.

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November 2017

Hytch is a platform that rewards users for sharing rides with cash payments.  Hytch lets you earn cash whenever you share a ride, whether you use public transportation or carpool.  Hytch funds its rewards platform through brand sponsors, community grants, corporate incentive programs and carbon credit offsets.

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September 2017

Aritiphon is designing a future where musical expression is ubiquitous and accessible to all. Everyone loves music, and they create beautiful, intuitive technologies that empower sonic expression, creation, and fascination.

Artiphon's first product, the INSTRUMENT 1, is a radical re-invention of the musical instrument: an adaptive musical experience that can be played with multiple fundamental musical gestures. The INSTRUMENT 1 is a key part of the mobile music revolution where we carry recording studios in our pockets, and instruments adapt to our inspiration.



March 2017

GameWisp is an interaction, viewing, and monetization platform for live streamers and gaming YouTubers.  As a business, GameWisp believes that any streamer or gaming YouTuber should have the ability to make a living doing what they love.  Their tools were created to help streamers and YouTubers accomplish this goal.

As a platform, GameWisp allows any gaming YouTuber or streamer to offer a monthly subscription service to fans in exchange for benefits, exclusive content, and additional interaction.  They offer several integrations, including Twitch, YouTube, StreamLabs and Discord.



July 2016

Jammber enriches the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them technologies that empower and enhance the creative process.

The global music industry generates $60 billion dollars annually, yet between 30% and 50% of all monies never reach the parties they are owed to, largely due to outdated inefficiencies: a highly paper-driven process; disconnected silos, and; poor communication. As an example, it can take a guitar player eight months to two years to get paid for a single recording session worth a few hundred dollars.

Our clients can schedule all creative works and projects using Jammber’s web and mobile tools. Jammber automatically generates all required paperwork electronically including union forms, tax forms, etc. and allows e-Signing. Contributors can then be paid directly through the Jammber platform. With Jammber in place, a guitar player can now be paid in two weeks as opposed to two years.



May 2016

Right now taxi companies are losing 40% of their market share just in the first 3 months of ride sharing showing up in their city. After thorough research we have found the reason why they cannot compete with these new platforms: their technology is stuck in the past century, some still use radio based dispatch, others use some digital dispatch platforms and enterprise software, but they were developed with older technologies. If there is any mobile app representation, it is usually a white-labeled or individually developed app, not well branded, often not well functioning, so passengers don't trust it, don't use it.

Cabsolutely changes the game by getting rid of old enterprise software and replacing it with a cloud-based dispatch system as a service. We provide tablet apps that allow Drivers to stay in touch with the dispatch office and accept ride requests. And once taxi companies and Drivers are on-boarded, we release our unified Passenger mobile app so they can finally compete with ride-sharing.

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Remix Hits

April 2016

The sound sampling culture is revolutionizing the way music is produced and consumed. Millions of "DJ's" and music producers have been building immense personal brands around creating remixes and derivative versions of major-label artist works. The issue is: no company currently provides licensed, isolated instrumental tracks that music producers need to create their new works, driving them to steal hit tracks from the internet. In fact, an estimated $1.4 billion is lost by the music industry every year since there is no current solution to monetize isolated instrumental tracks. 

Remix Hits is introducing the (Hits)trument: the virtual instrument that turns hit songs into software. (Hits)trument streamlines and - best of all - monetizes the remix sampling culture by selling isolated stems and samples from hit songs to remixers and then provides an intelligent licensing system to pay royalties to the rights holders and content creators.

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January 2015

Remedify is a database and iPad app that aids technicians in cleaning and sterilizing reusable surgical instruments, taking the guesswork out of sterile processing at hospitals and surgery centers.

Company Closed - December 2015


Solar Site Design 

November 2014

Solar Site Design (SSD) is a customer acquisition tool (available on Apple & Android devices) and online project management platform built for solar sales professionals. SSD sells qualified solar energy development projects to solar equipment manufacturers, suppliers, engineering firms and finance companies. Expensive customer acquisition is a tall hurdle the solar industry needs to address in order to sustain profitability and standardization. SSD aggregates the project data entered by solar sales professionals, connects the projects to networks of engineers, manufacturers and financiers, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs by up to 50%.



October 2014

Everly is creating and growing the drink mix market in the natural grocery channel. Simply put, we are creating the “Crystal Light of Whole Foods”.   Everly drink mixes are made with with simpler, natural ingredients, enhanced with nutrient blends for functional benefits like antioxidants or energy, and free from calories.


Invision Heart

May 2014 / February 2015

InvisionHeart Inc. has developed a cardiac data solution from collection to analysis to serve clinicians and their heart patients.  Our technology enables physicians, nurses, and care providers to capture, communicate, and analyze patient ECGs in a manner that is both more efficient and cost effective than the current standard of care.

Company Sold - January 2017


initial state technologies

February 2014 / May 2015

Initial State is a technology startup helping engineers capture and understand product data. Our cloud-based log visualization-as-a-service platform helps engineers make sense of the exploding number of logs being produced by "smart", complex products and applications. We believe engineers need more powerful, easier to use debug tools to get their job done faster.

Company Sold - January 2018