Startup Investing

Is Angel Investing Risky?

As we noted in earlier posts, the risk profile of investing in startup companies has shifted, making startup investing a more attractive alternative investment than it might have been in years past.  In saying that, investing in startup companies is still very risky.  In this post, we will discuss a few of these risks, and in subsequent posts, we will present several strategies that will help mitigate these risks and increase your chances of being successful.

Angel Investing, Where Have You Been All My Life?

One of your first questions about angel investing may be, “If this angel investing thing is so great, why is it only now becoming so popular?” Well, investing in small startup and growth businesses is not new – in fact, angel investors have been around for decades - but over the past five to ten years, angel investing has become a more popular way to diversify outside of typical investment vehicles.  Where is this popularity coming from?