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Why InCrowd Capital

Angel investors take pride in their status as angels.  Their investments are creating jobs in their communities and helping a new generation of entrepreneurs succeed, and they love the sense of excitement they get from investing in the latest technological innovations.

There are thousands more who aspire to call themselves angels, but they are intimidated by the process.

Through education, infrastructure and access, InCrowd takes away the intimidation, giving anyone the confidence to say...

“I am an angel investor”


Here are the reasons why other investors have joined with InCrowd to help with their journey:

We handle the confusing Stuff

InCrowd makes it easy to invest in startups by handling all of the complicated stages of investing in startups.  Deal term negotiation and legal and tax document preparation are all handled for our investors.

Networking & Live Events

Unlike most angel groups, InCrowd does not feel cliquish or unwelcoming.  Every month, InCrowd hosts live pitch events that allow our members to get together to meet each other and network, discuss investment opportunities, and to see the entrepreneurs pitch in a live setting.

Low Minimum Investment

InCrowd members can invest as little as $5,000 in each investment opportunity they choose to fund. This allows our members to write smaller checks in line with their level of comfort, as well as allowing them to spread their money across a larger number of companies.

Only Trained Companies

InCrowd works only with entrepreneurs going through partner accelerator training programs, university programs and local business incubators to list on our platform, ensuring that you have access to investment opportunities that have been vetted and trained through these programs.


For more information or to register for an InCrowd angel group, please select the group that you are interested in joining.



InCrowd Capital Member Investments

Here are some examples of the investments made by InCrowd members:

Solar Site Design

Solar Site Design is a customer acquisition tool and online project management platform built for solar sales professionals.


Everly is creating and growing the drink mix market in the natural grocery channel.

Invision Heart

InvisionHeart Inc. has developed a cardiac data solution from collection to analysis to serve clinicians and their heart patients.

Initial State

Initial State is a technology startup helping engineers capture and understand product data.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

If you are searching for services to help get your business off the ground, check out our partners page below to see how InCrowd's partners can help get you started.

Baker Donelson
Pilgrim Consulting